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What Is Remapping?

Remapping is the re-calibration of the (Ecu) Engine Control Units software. The software is what controls engine operations. We make calculated changes to the engine control software- Engine control data or more commonly known as the engine map. Certain mapping methods are designed to save you money at the fuel pump and reduce harmful emissions. Changing certain areas within the various maps makes a dramatic difference to the engines operational output.

We use a variety of mapping methods to either save you money at the fuel pump and reduce harmful emissions, or changing certain areas within the maps to make a dramatic difference to the power of your vehicle.

Basic Remapping

Industry Standard tuning methods for the vast majority and most common vehicles, minimal refinement i.e. only the necessary maps tweaked to obtain the desired output, or map tweaks to release locked away power.

Comprehensive Tuning

Tuning methods that have a high level of refinement with many man hours of testing and tweaking to give superb engine operations. A lot more map data changed to give optimal performance in every throttle and RPM zone. Higher power outputs than basic tunes, smoother or more aggressive power delivery depending on driver wishes. Tailored tunes to suit specific needs. Optional mechanical warranty on some tuning options. Tried and test engine calibration methods

Quality you can trust

All of our remapping options are Modern Remapping Certified. This means that Modern remapping is happy that the calibration method or engine strategy works and produces the desired engine operational output, within the desired component safety margins given by manufacturer specifications. Tried and tested engine calibration methods already in use on thousands of vehicles across the world and used by many tuning companies, and or Companies Modern remapping deem as being leading files research and development companies with a great track record of delivering fantastic engine control strategies among other aspects of engine software calibration.

Post Us Your ECU For Tuning

Modern Remapping can tune almost any vehicle if we have been sent the Ecu. We can bench tune a huge array of Engine Control Units without the need to be with the vehicle.

Modern Ecus’ can be flash tuned, meaning we read the Ecu data directly from the ecu processors, make our modifications to the engine data and then re flash the new modified data back to the Ecu processor.

Direct programming is exactly how an Ecu is programmed in the manufacturers’ factory. And that’s exactly how we do our work with your Ecu when we Bench tune it.

Simply remove the Engine Control Unit Ecu from your vehicle and send it to us for tuning. Removal of most Ecu’s is quite simple but feel free to contact for further details and instructions and we will be happy to help.

DPF Solutions

What Is A DPF?

A DPF is a filter within the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. Its primary objective is to catch tiny particles of soot that are created from the combustion process that creates the power to move a vehicle.

What Goes Wrong With The DPF?

The DPF, in theory, is a great idea, and works extremely well with new engines in test conditions, giving great results in emission reduction. However, once the vehicle has left the factory and begins its life the engine finds its no longer in perfect conditions for the Diesel Particulate Filter to operate correctly as its designed purpose intends.

By this what is meant is that for the DPF to remain in great condition the engine needs to driven for long periods of time and at certain rpm, to ensure the engine and exhaust system become hot enough to burn of the carbon/soot that is created during the combustion process and collected by the DPF. So nipping to the shop or in town or just picking the kids up means that the engine and exhaust system never actually get hot enough to operate correctly because the engine is simply not on long enough.

What this does to the DPF is block it up. While the DPF’s design purpose is to catch the carbon/soot that’s created from the combustion process, part of the design is that it burns of these particles of soot as the temperature increases within the exhaust system, and minimising the emission output. The DPF also self regenerates when all of the desired conditions are meet with in the software.

When the DPF become blocked the vehicle will lose performance and power and MPG will go down, Ignore the problem and serious mechanical failure of components will occur, costing lots of money.

What Can I Do About It?

By the time your warning light has appeared on your dash indicating that there is a problem the chances are a forced regeneration or trip down the motorway will not help.  There are several options available to you in the forms of replacing the DPF, Dpf Cleaning or DPF Recalibration.

The solutions for you depends on your situation and circumstances, so please contact one of our team and we will be happy to help you make the right decision based on your personal circumstances.

Emission System Solutions

What Is The Exhaust Gas Re-circulation System?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is a method of reducing a harmful emission called NOx. NOx is a gas that is produced when combustion takes place using the natural air around us, due to a large proportion of the air being made up of Nitrogen.

The EGR system works by re-circulating controlled amounts of exhaust gases back into the air intake system, and the most common way of doing this is with a valve, the valve controls the flow of exhaust gases that get re-circulated back into the induction system and fully shuts off the flow of exhaust gas when it’s no longer required.

The re-introduction of exhaust gases back into the combustion does several things. When a small percentage of exhaust gas takes up space within the combustion chamber 2 things happen. With a lower amount of oxygen to combust the heat released from combustion is lower, which reduces the amount of NOx that is produced during the combustion process and reduces the overall cylinder temperature.

What Can Go Wrong With An EGR System?

The main problem with the EGR system is that it becomes clogged up with carbon/soot, and stops working correctly, which starts to hinder the combustion process. Inherently there is going to be problems when with EGR systems, quite simply because the exhaust gas of engines has small particles of carbon, which then build up with in the EGR system and air inlet system, which subsequently reduces the amount of air available for the combustion process which then creates more carbon due to the incorrect air fuel mixture. And the process gets worse until the EGR valve is no longer operating correctly and becomes stuck open and constantly allows exhaust gases to pass through even when the EGR value is commanded to be closed. The whole process results in poor performance an terrible MPG and subsequently costs you more money in fuel.

What Are The Benefits Of An EGR Solution?

An EGR solution is the closing/shutting or full removal of the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation system,

Any mechanical work done in the process of stopping the exhaust gas flow will cause engine management issues, so any work needs to be accompanied by an engine management EGR solution.

Using a blank plate can stop exhaust gas flow permanently, and changing the engine calibration we can prevent the EGR valve from operating, and remove any associated engine management trouble codes that cause the engine management light on the dash to illuminate and can put the vehicle into limp home mode. The closing of the EGR valve prevents the flow of hot exhaust gases and subsequently stops any issues caused by the EGR system.

ECU Cloning

Many Engine Control Units can be cloned if in the event you are in need of a new Engine Control Unit. Modern Remapping have the skills, knowledge and equipment to transfer the information from one ECU to another, saving a small fortune in almost all cases a cloned ECU is needed.

Why Would An Ecu Need To Be Cloned?

Any ECU can become damaged in several ways.Water damage is a big issue with Ecu damage. Some manufacturers thought little about ECU location and as a result, many vehicles suffer from water damaged ECU’s. Water can build up around an ECU and slowly seep into the ECU causing damage that could be very costly to repair.

Crash damaged vehicles often need replacement ECU’s. Many ECU’s are located in wheel arches or at the front or side of an engine, meaning in front or side impacts the ECU is often damaged, resulting in expensive bills if a vehicle is to be repaired.

Another cause of ECU failure is poor workmanship, a lack of knowledge and correct understanding will most certainly damage or ultimately destroy a perfectly good working Ecu in no time at all.

How We Can Help?

Using the very latest equipment the industry has to offer we can we can transfer the data from the old or damaged ECU on to a second-hand ECU. In the long run this can save you a great deal of money when needing to replace an ECU.

File Tuning

Tuning your own vehicle has become a lot easier with the help of ECU Read an Write tools becoming much more widely used and cheaper to buy.

Here at  Modern Remapping our remapping files are second to none, catering for a wide range of tools and ECU’s, we can offer fantastic ECU re-calibration at fantastic prices delivering a safe and reliable tune for you and your vehicle.

Files from as low as £75 with bulk buy packages

The BMW ZF6HP Automatic Gearbox Tuning

Tweaking your transmission is not only about getting quicker or holding more power. Few people are aware of how deeply an automatic transmission contributes to the overall driving experience. From crawling in traffic, over city driving, to taking your vehicle to the drag strip or a race track, the TCU widely defines how your car feels.Like everyone drives different with a manual, the maps inside the TCU hide the secrets to tweak your automatic transmission to your personal likings and finally experience what BMW promised you once in the glossy brochure

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Modern Remapping was established with one goal in mind, To provide affordable vehicle ECU remapping and car tuning in the Midlands area. At Modern Remapping we are always driving towards perfection in the skills of safe and reliable remapping and car tuning.

We have over 10 years experience in this field and over the years we have supplied many happy customers. We pride ourselves on providing efficient professional service to a wide range of cars all over the UK.

Enjoy convenient tuning and remapping at your home or office. 

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