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Basic Remapping

Basic Remapping

Industry Standard tuning methods for the vast majority and most common vehicles, minimal refinement i.e. only the necessary maps tweaked to obtain desired output, or map tweaks to release locked away power. Large safety margin for engine and components. Modern remapping certified.

Standard guarantees, no warranty.

Budget tune blend

This option is the best of both economic tuning and performance tuning. increases power and performance safely and reliably as well as increase mpg under normal driving operation. Only pre- diagnostic check. No sensor logging. High quality Modern Remapping certified tunes used.

Budget tune stage 1

Release the performance locked away with a safe and reliable calibration method that keeps a high safety margin for engine and components. High quality standard stage 1 tuning using pre-existing methods that have been modern remapping certified. Pre- diagnostics check. No sensor logging.


Copying data from one control unit to another. Often water damaged Ecu or crash damaged Ecu can have their data transferred to a second hand Ecu, to save hundreds of pounds.

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