Comprehensive tuning

Comprehensive tuning

Tuning methods that have a high level of refinement with many man hours of testing and tweaking to give superb engine operations. A lot more map data changed to give optimal performance in every throttle and RPM zone. Higher power outputs than basic tunes, smoother or more aggressive power delivery depending on driver wishes. Tailored tunes to suit specific needs. Optional mechanical warranty on some tuning options. Tried and test engine calibration methods Modern remapping certified.

Fuel Saving Maps

Engine calibration methods designed to increase an engine efficiency as much as Is possible with just engine control data changes.

Fast road maps

Engine calibration methods designed to increase the power and performance as well as power delivery as much as possible within the safe working limits of the engine and components. Small to medium safety margins for components to gain the most power. Ideal for new vehicle’s or very well-maintained vehicle’s as best results come from great working engines with no issues.

Blend maps

The finest calibration methods the industry has the best of both power and fuel economy. Mixed mapping to give great low throttle load mpg increases and great wide open throttle power outputs that fantastically increase the performance of a vehicle. All within the safe working limits of components.

Sports cars

Tuning methods designed for optimal power outputs throughout all throttle and rpm zones. Ideal for track use and road use. Maximum power yet within MOT emission laws. High-grade fuels only – low-grade fuels may cause poor engine operations.

Warrantied tuning

For added reassurance, a mechanical warranty can be purchased with some tuning options.

Haulage Tuning

Tuning methods designed for long distance vehicles with mpg and emission reduction as well as power increases are important. Specfically tailored to suit vehicle and driver needs.

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