Ecu Cloning

Ecu Cloning

Any ecu can become damaged in several ways.

Water damage is a big issue with Ecu damage. Some manufactures thought little about Ecu location and as a result many vehicles suffer with water damaged ecu’s. Water can build up around an ecu and slowly seep into the Ecu causing damage that could be very costly to repair.

Crash damaged vehicles often need replacement Ecu’s if the Ecu was damaged in a crash. Many ecu’s are located in wheel arches or at the front or side of an engine, meaning in front or side impacts the ecu is often damaged, resulting in expensive bills if a vehicle is to be repaired.

Electrical spikes or power surges can cause problems for most electrical units on a vehicle but none are as costly as a replacement Ecu from the main dealers.

Another cause of Ecu failure is poor workmanship, a lack of knowledge and correct understanding will most certainly damage or ultimately destroy a perfectly good working Ecu in no time at all.

Some Ecu’s can cost more then £1000 from a main dealers, yet could cost under half that price if you contact us for help.

Using the very latest equipment the industry has to offer we can save you a great deal of money when needing to replace an Ecu.

Buying an Ecu can be a hard time and very costly if buying direct from the dealer. The new Ecu may have to be coded to your vehicle, which would also incur further costs, making the final bill much higher then just the replacement of the Ecu.

From Just £125 we can transfer the data from the old or damaged ecu on to a second hand ecu. Find a matching ecu ( please contact for further info) and send us both the damaged ecu and the second hand ecu via the post and we will transfer the data and send the Ecu back to you.

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