What is Remapping ?

Remapping is the re-calibration of the (Ecu) Engine Control Units software.  The software is what controls engine operations. And REMAPPING is making changes to the software, to make the vehicle react in different operational out puts. We make calculated changes to the engine control software- Engine control data or commonly known as the engine map, and certain mapping methods are designed to save you money at the fuel pump and reduce harmful emissions. Changing certain areas within the various maps makes a dramatic difference to the engines operational output.  There are different ways Engine Control data can be changed, and different mapping changes make the vehicle react in different ways i.e more economical, more powerful or both. Having extensive knowledge of engines an engine data we can offer various tune types depending on your needs and vehicle usage.

What is an ECU ?

An ECU is an Engine Control Unit, it’s what controls the engine and its operations. The ECU is a computer that has been programmed to run the engine of your vehicle. The engine control unit goes through thousands of calculations a second, calculating the amount of fuel needed for the current throttle load and RPM, the Ecu needs to calculate many sensory inputs such as air flow and air temperature at that precise moment. Modern ecu’s make easy work of these calculations and run engines very well, with modern Electronic Fuel Injection systems the aim is to maximise the operational output of an engines capability, making full use of the fuel used for combustion and making engines as efficient as possible, trying to get ever last bit of energy from the combustion to turn into power to the wheels of the vehicle.

What are the benefits of remapping my vehicle ?

Gained MPG – Lower Emissions – Increased Power – Enhanced Drivability 

Remapping a vehicles ecu will enhance throttle response, as the engine will have more power & torque lower down in the rev range, making the vehicle react instantly as soon as the throttle is pressed. You will find that mid range and top end torque is much stronger, meaning you require less throttle load to achieve the same operational output as a stock factory calibrated ecu. The amount of extra power is down to tune choice, I.e more power less of an mpg gain, less power more MPG. Another benefit of remapping is a longer life, increased longevity can be expected from a tuned vehicle, due to the fact less carbon deposits accumulate within the engine and its components, because we aim our tunes at maximising the combustion and leaving very little wasted / un-burnt fuel. Correctly conbusting all of the fuel delivered into the cylinder means very little carbon/soot is created and less problems for the engine and its components.

Why is a vehicle not like this as standard?

There are several answers to this question, firstly a vehicle has to be driveable and comfortable for a whole variety of drivers and driving styles, meaning a vehicle has to be not to aggressive, relatively  smooth in its power delivery, also emissions laws dictate the calibration of an engines operational output, and different countries have different emissions regulations. So the vehicle is tuned accordingly and able to be  comfortably driven by any driver,  as a result the tuning is compromised in order to be able to sell more vehicles to a wider market.  Also there is the fact that manufacturing vehicles is a business and making money is the end game, as a result manufacturers use the cheapest way possible to produce a vehicle, and its far cheaper to make an engine that can be ran at different power outputs then it is to make engines that gives out only the desired power, which means that the different bhp outputs are down to software calibration, as this is far cheaper way of producing mass products. All of the above means there is massive room for improvements in both power and performance increase but also GREAT SAVINGS can be had from fuel consumption reduction by increasing a vehicles MPG.

What gets modified / changed ?

Once the Ecu data has been pulled / read, we have whats called a file, the file contains all the engine control data that operates the EFI engine. With careful changes to the ecu file, commonly known as the map, we can make the engine run with different operational outputs, depending on tune choice and driving style. For instance, with our software calibrations we can offer several types of remapping solutions, which depends on your needs, our primary objective is to increase a vehicles general MPG, but we can tailor the tune to your needs, such as a towing vehicle that needs more power lower down in the rpm range, we can aim the tune around the needs of the vehicle, more mid range power and a less laggy lazy engine response is something we aim to eradicate with all our tune choices. All our tunes are tried and tested, our stage 1 maps are dyno calibrated and tested for safety an reliability, ensuring and the very best quality software is used all of the time. We can provide custom tailored tunes on site, using the original ecu data and making the appropriate changes for what ever modifications the vehicle may have. Our technicians are the industries finest software calibration technicians and have the ability to transform almost any vehicle for the better.

What am i paying for ?

Your hard-earned money has been spent on the very best engine control software, ensuring a safe and reliable vehicle you can rely on to save you money at the fuel pump.

The tune will deliver a smoother sharper more responsive engine, with power starting much lower down in the rpm, reducing the laziness that modern  engines have. The vehicle will have more power and a better drivability through the whole rev range, but much more noticeable in the mid range an top end of the rpm zone. the engine will be more economically efficient, delivering an increase in the amount of miles your fuel gets you and reducing your fuel bills by as much as 20% with some engines. Not only is the drivability enhanced, the fuel economy is better,  an as a result the vehicle is now producing fewer emissions. Not only is remapping your vehicle better for your pocket and your driving experience but it’s better for the environment. Ideal for those that are concerned with keeping a low carbon foot print should most definitely consider having there vehicles economically remapped by FCRS and do their part for the environment.

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